About Chilliwack Harmony Chorus

The Chilliwack Harmony Chorus is a registered chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and a member chapter of the Evergreen District of that Society.

Chartered in 1985 as an all-male singing group, the Chilliwack Chapter changed its format in 2013 to include women as performers, to help share the love of the barbershop harmony style with all singers.  

The chapter and its members are also members of the newly-formed Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association, and is one of its charter organizations.


Our Mission
Enriching Our Lives and the Community Through Singing

Our Vision
1. To promote and perpetuate good quality singing in the barbershop style.
2. To encourage fellowship with singers of good character.
3. To provide member education in music and administration.
4. To offer service to the community.

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