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  • Jim Cudmore Joins the Chapter Eternal
  •  Fri, 24 Nov 2017
    In the early hours of Thursday, November 23rd, chorus member Jim Cudmore transitioned from this life to the Chapter Eternal.  Jim was an active member of the Chilliwack Harmony Chorus, serving in several positions, including Chapter President, to help lead the chorus through several years of activity.

    Jim served in the Canadian Forces as a Search and Rescue technician.  He also was an avid golf enthusiast.  But his main drive was family, his love for his wife Angie and sons Sean and Devin.  He was always supportive of his sons' activities, attending their games and helping out where he could.

    When the Abbotsford Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society began in the early 2000s, Jim was right there, blending his voice with others.  The music thrilled him and he loved the performance opportunities.  For a while, he participated with the Langley First  Capital Chorus, and eventually ended up as a full member of the Chilliwack Harmony Chorus.  His drive and energy was contagious and gave him multiple opportunities to support and direct the chapter.

    Jim's love for barbershop music was significant.  He will be greatly missed by all who experienced his barbershop performance.  Rest in Peace, Jim.
    Jim Cudmore
  • Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Begins Christmas Performances
  •  Mon, 6 Nov 2017
    Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Begins Christmas Performances
    The Chilliwack Harmony Chorus will begin their round of Christmas performances on November 17th 7:30 PM for the West Coast Christmas Show in the TradeX Exhibition Hall beside the Abbotsford Airport. 

    The chorus currently has more than 20 performances booked for November and December, however, there are a few, limited spots still available.  We perform from Hope to Langley.  Contact us NOW!

    To request your performance please contact Josie Savoie, booking secretary, at  
  • Newest Member of the Evergreen District Hall of Fame
  •  Mon, 16 Oct 2017
    Newest Member of the Evergreen District Hall of Fame
    Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Director, Gerry Borden, was honoured on Saturday, October 14th, at the Evergreen District Convention held in Vancouver, Washington, as the newest inductee to the District Hall of Fame. 

    Citing his 30 years of barbershop leadership at the chapter, district and international levels, educational endeavours and choral directing with multiple choruses, Gerry received his green jacket and name tag identifying him as one of the District's honoured members for advancing the cause of barbershop harmony.

    Previous inductees to the Evergreen District Hall of Fame include such luminaries as, Charlie Metzger, former director of the Greater Vancouver Gentlemen of Fortune, past International Seniors Quartet Champion, past District Quartet Champion and for serving the District and Society in a variety of capacities (including the incoming District President); Realtime Quartet (Tim Broersma, John Newell, Mark Metzger, Tom Metzger); Randy Peters, former director of the Calgary Foothills Western Hospitality Singers and music educator; Marty Lovick, coach, educator, Society judge in the Performance category; and several more.

    The Evergreen District Hall of Fame recognizes a lifetime of commitent to barbershop harmony on the local and global scale; providing leadership and service at multiple levels of the organization, and encouraging growth and development of chapters and leaders in the community.   Individuals and quartets are eligible for nomination for this honour through the coordinator for the Evergreen District Hall of Fame.
    2017 Evergreen District Hall of Fame Plaque
  • New Chapter Officers Elected for 2018
  •  Wed, 11 Oct 2017
    New Chapter Officers Elected for 2018
    The 2018 Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Chapter Officers have been elected and assigned to their roles.  Serving the chapter for 2018 are:

    Dennis Rackliff - President
    Lloyd Johnston and Cliff Daily - Secretary
    Art McCaughan - Treasurer
    Lois Knott - Vice President, Membership
    Nora Rackliff - Vice President, Music and Performance
    Karen Wright - Vice President, Marketing and Promotions
    Josie Savoie - Member at Large, Bookings
    Dave Ross - Immediate Past President

    Lloyd Johnston will retain his position of Chapter Librarian
    Lois Knott and Karen Wright will head up a Fundraising/Revenue Generation committee

    Thank you to our incoming officers for the Chilliwack Harmony Chorus.  
  • Christmas Begins August 14 at 7:00 PM
  •  Thu, 3 Aug 2017
    Christmas Begins August 14 at 7:00 PM

    The Chilliwack Harmony Chorus will begin rehearsal on Christmas 2017 repertoire on Monday, August 14 at Christ Lutheran Church.  If you are interested in joining this award-winning chorus for the Christmas season, please stop by the church at 9460 Charles Street in Chilliwack.  Start time is 7:00 PM.

    The chorus already has about a dozen bookings, and more continue to come in.  If you like singing, enjoy Christmas music, want to share with the community, and experience the camaraderie of friendly, family performers, this is the place for you!  Chilliwack Harmony Chorus - Making Music That's Making A Difference!
  • Highlights from the Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention in Las Vegas
  •  Sun, 2 Jul 2017
    Highlights from the Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention in Las Vegas
    What a great week of harmony while the Barbershop Harmony Society held its International Convention in the Axis Theatre at Planet Hollywood.  The world's top calibre quartets and choruses enthralled the gathered audience of over 5000 people to take in this experience of a lifetime.  

    After whittling the playing field down from 55 quartets, the five medalist quartets were:

    5th place Bronze - Quorum - Johnny Appleseed District (JAD) -     8057 points    89.5% average
    4th place Bronze - Throwback - Sunshine District (SUN) -                8149 points    90.5% average
    3rd place Bronze - After Hours - Illinois District (ILL) -                        8199 points    91.1% average
    2nd place Silver - Signature - Sunshine District (SUN) -                     8329 points    92.5% average
    1st place Gold - Main Street - Sunshine District (SUN) -                     8354 point      92.8% average

    Flightline - Far West Distrcit (FWD) won the Youth Barbershop Quartet contest with 1449 points - 80.5% average

    Thirty choruses vied for top honours.  Top five were:

    5th place Bronze - Parkside Harmony - Hershey, PA (Mid-Atlanic District [MAD]) - 2761 points, 92.0% average, 49 on stage
    4th place Bronze - The Northern Lights - Toronto, ON (Ontario District [ONT]) - 2820 points, 94.0% average, 54 on stage
    3rd place Bronze - Central Standard - Kansas City MO (Central States District [CSD]) - 2828 points, 94.3% average, 56 on stage
    2nd place Silver - The Vocal Majority - Dallas, TX (Southwestern District [SWD]) - 2885 points, 96.2% average , 160 on stage
    1st place Gold - Masters of Harmony - Santa Fe Springs, CA (Far Western District [FWD]) - 2893 points 96.4% average, 112 on stage

    To view some of these performances, check out

    For more contest results and additional information on the Barbershop Harmony Society

  • Langley Chapter Hosted a GREAT Open House
  •  Fri, 30 Jun 2017
    Langley Chapter Hosted a GREAT Open House
    Over 100 people, representing six chapters, attended the Evergreen District, Division 1 Open House hosted by the Langley Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society on Thursday, June 29, at 7:00 PM, at their rehearsal hall (Whilloughby Community Church, 20525 - 72nd Avenue, Langley).  

    The evening was filled with music as the gathered men and women joined their voices in song, with physical and vocal warm-ups, led by local chorus directors, followed by the national anthems and selections from the standard barbershop repertoire known as the Polecats.  Doug Broersma, director of the Bellingham Mt. Baker Toppers taught a beautiful tag (end of a song), followed by Danny Tryon, co-director of the Langley First Capital Chorus, led everyone through a new arrangement of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.  

    During a short social break, with coffee and Canada birthday cake, people chatted and mingled.  At the end of the break, the newly released presentation by the Barbershop Harmony Society was shown, entitled "Everyone In Harmony", speaking to the new strategic direction of the Society, featuring a more inclusive program to get everyone singing.

    Finally, each chorus presented a two-song set to showcase their chorus and/or repertoire.  The chapters represented were: The Langley First Capital Chorus (hosts) under the direction of Mike Wilcox and Danny Tryon, Bellingham Mt. Baker Toppers directed by Doug Broersma, Chilliwack Harmony Chorus led by Gerry Borden, Greater Vancouver Gentlemen of Fortune under Andry Larda, The Squares Quartet chapter led by Sean Huston, and the Vancouver Thunderbirds under the direction of Robb Sorensen.  

    Barbershop harmony is alive and well in the local communities, and with the new direction of the Barbershop Harmony Society, will be for years to come.
    Lois in a quartet at Langley Open House - June 2017
  • Barbershop Harmony Society releases new "all inclusive" strategy
  •  Thu, 29 Jun 2017
    Barbershop Harmony Society releases new "all inclusive" strategy
    The Barbershop Harmony Society has rolled out its NEW, IMPROVED, and ALL-INCLUSIVE strategic vision for the organization.  From its beginnings in 1938 as an all-male, white-only organization to the all-embracing Society of the future, this plan will support barbershop harmony singing in all of its varied and harmonizing ways.  Please view the video for more.  

    Way to go, BHS.  It's been a long time coming! 
    YouTube Video URL:
    Everyone In Harmony
  • Sing Canada Scholarships Awarded
  •  Mon, 12 Jun 2017
    Sing Canada Scholarships Awarded

    Wendy Patterson and Josie Savoie receive Sing Canada Harmony scholarships to attend Harmony College Northwest in Tacoma, Washington.  

    Sing Canada Harmony is the official charitable arm of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Canada, providing funding for music and leadership education to support schools and communities across Canada.  For more information about how to donate to keep the whole world singing, please visit:
  • New Song Available for Canada 150!
  •  Tue, 23 May 2017
    New Song Available for Canada 150!
    Just released by the Barbershop Harmony Society in time for Canada's 150th anniversary, at no charge, we have added "The Maple Leaf Forever" to our repertoire lineup.  Sheet music and learning tracks are now available in the music section of our website.  Enjoy this unofficial anthem and beloved song of Canada.
  • Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Wins MBHA Championship
  •  Sun, 2 Apr 2017
    Chilliwack Harmony Chorus Wins MBHA Championship
     On Saturday, April 1, the Chilliwack Harmony Chorus won the Mixed Barbershop Harmony Association (MBHA) Championship for the Barbershop Harmony Society Evergreen District Division I competition. With 17 members on stage, their two-song package performance shared the beauty and passion of the barbershop genre.  

    Although this honour was won on April 1st, this was no April Fool's joke, but the culmination of hard work and commitment to the artform.  The Chilliwack Harmony Chorus is pleased to be recognized as the MBHA Award winner for 2017 in Division I of the Evergreen District.  
  • New Member and Membership Renewal
  •  Tue, 28 Mar 2017
    New Member and Membership Renewal
    The Chilliwack Harmony Chorus recently accepted Roy Pilkey as its newest member.   Also, new members Dennis and Nora Rackliff have become active participants in the chorus.  Several members received their renewal certificates and congratulations on years of service in the past month, including Cliff Daily and Norman Miller.